Revolution -vs- Resolution

Hello to all the beautiful humans that are here among the living to experience the year 2018!

For many today was a day of self reflection. Some thought of all the successes and failures of the previous year. Some reflected on the love ones that will not share their future with. Others thought on the new lives added their journey. Their are quite a few who are considering changes they want to make. How about this year you make a revolution not a resolution?

I am your sister whose extending her moral and spiritual support along this journey called life. I admonish you to revolt against all the barriers preventing you from getting to your divine destination. The definition of revolution implies there will be violence of some type present. I am telling you as your ( little or big ) sister that it is perfectly acceptable. As for me I pray violently (sometimes) ! What ever it takes to revolt against what ever keeps you out of alignment with the will of God! I provoke your personal revolution against traditions, trends or society norms that keep you confined. I encourage you to revolt against any negative self thoughts. So where society has programmed civilians to seek a New Year’s resolution. I declare and decree a New Year Revolution!

You are invited to take a walk with me ………. The Radical Faith Walker !LOGO